We’re Back!

In 1995, my brother and myself searched the internet and were appalled to find that our favorite entertainer, the brilliant and prolific voice over actor Jim Cummings had not a single fan site devoted to him. Sure, there are plenty of splendid actors that don’t have fan sites but a man such as Mr. Cummings who has touched so very many lives and many so many people laugh with his delightful voices deserved a little corner on the World Wide Web.

So we created The Cult of Cummings, called so because of the secret knowledge my brother and I shared, the small look we would give each other when we knew, without a doubt, that the voice on that commercial or in that cartoon was JC. We felt like part of a secret organization, all devoted to the worship of this talented man; a man that was everywhere but that it seemed only a secret few knew about.

For a while, the site was very popular. As the first and only Jim Cummings fan site, we had tons of visitors each day and I was swarmed with emails and applications to “Join the Obsession.” Even people we hardly knew off-line would approach us with amazed expressions as they said, “I stumbled upon your website. I had no idea all those voices were Jim Cummings!” We would smile at this, knowing we had increased awareness and appreciation of Jim Cummings’ incredible talents.

In 2001, I got a job as a web designer and the more skilled in website making I became, the more I realized the free web templates I had used to design the original site made it look ghetto and I took it down for repairs. Then four years passed.

Somehow in that time I had, unfortunately, developed some sort of a social life and suddenly that seemed more important that my various websites. But have no fear! It will never happen again as I have now sworn my life to the geekdom I had previously abandoned. So now, after nearly 4 years of being down for re-designing, I have “revamped” the site with this pathetically boring design. Before you chastise me, let it be known that I had a much more exciting design going with the “cult” theme but people told me it look like I was a stalker, so I decided this boring design was better than nothing until I have time to teach myself flash. Rest assured the content of the site is all reorganized and brand spankin’ new and it’s only a matter of time until the design catches up.

We will be under construction for the next few months (years?) so I appreciate your patience. I look forward to converting a whole new legion of JC fans to the cuase and getting to reconnect with some of you that I knew from the early days of the site. I think you will find that all manner of interesting things have been going on in my life as well.

I appreciate your taking a look and your help in getting this site back up to its former glory!

~Hillary DePiano, Site Owner

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