Behold! A new photo of Jim Cummings!

As a low-profile voice over actor, photographs of Jim Cummings are very hard to come by which is why the discovery of a new one makes me very excited.

On the website for the audio book (or audio theater experience as their marketing people would prefer that you call it) Rescued, they have a photograph of Jim Cummings as a part of the cast.

The caption, is sort of hilarious because at first glance it looks like that is his name (it’s actually his character’s name). My brother has this running gag where he wants me to name one of my children “The Lorax” and I think that having a name like “The Angel Demeter” is just as comical.

“The” naming conventions and their inherent hilarity aside, as far as I can tell, this is the most recent photograph of JC around as it seems to be from 2007 and the most recent picture I had previous to this was from 2005.

Not that he looks like he changed a good deal as he is aging very well but it’s nice to see an updated picture.

My only complaint is that, the way the photo is cropped, it looks like they made him scrunch over and lean awkwardly into the frame for the photo, doesn’t it? Maybe I am analyzing too much.

There is also a trailer for this book available. Sadly, Jim Cummings can neither be heard, nor is he billed but I think that might be for the best. Let’s just say that Monterey Jack would probably love this book because it seems to be filled with ch-ch-cheeeeeeeeeese. Listen and judge for yourself.

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