Comic Book: The Movie stills

There is perhaps no bit of Jim Cummings trivia as brandished about as the fact that his one and only appearance on screen is in Mark Hamill (aka Luke Skywalker)’s Comic Book: The Movie. This unusual movie is best known for featuring live appearances by many voice over actors who normally appear off screen.

A very special thanks goes to Griffelkin who took some screen captures of Jim Cummings in his pivotal role as a drunken party guest.

Also included to help you set the stage for these photos are what IMDB deems to be his memorable quotes from this scene.

Quote #1

Drunken Party Guest (JC): He’s retranslating the Code of Hammurabi from the ancient Persian to the ancient Greek to the ancient Roman to the ancient Gaelic right to English.
Leo Matuzik (Billy West): Wow.
Drunken Party Guest: He wants to know…”the know”.
Leo Matuzik: [nodding] “The know.”

Quote #2:

[the party guest is extolling the virtues of his hallucinogenic drink] Drunken Party Guest: You know you’re there when you’ve seen the green fairy.
Ricky (Jess Harnell): The Hulk? What, is the green fairy the Hulk? Dude, I’m way into the Hulk. Is that him?
Drunken Party Guest: [rubbing his temples] Give me strength. No, no.
Ricky: I’m curious, because if drinking that would get me hooked up with the Hulk, I’d be into it.
Drunken Party Guest: That is when you know that you are in touch with your inner brain stem.
Ricky: When the Hulk is hanging with you?
Drunken Party Guest: That is when you know that you are in the place occupied by Poe.
Ricky: And Bill Bixby.

I am trying to get my hands on a video clip of this appearance but, in the meantime, these stills should give you a taste of it.


Seriously, though. . .is my tie really that ugly?

I think this one speaks for itself.

For more images of Jim Cummings, please visit the gallery.

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