Film Premiere of Piglet’s Big Movie (Photos)

I’m still playing a bit of catch-up from when the site was down so, yes, I am aware that this is technically old news. Regardless, I wanted to share these photos from the premiere of Piglet’s Big Movie. If you have any need to use them for commercial reasons, they are all available for purchase at Getty at this link. (Some of the photos appear to have someone else mislabeled as Jim Cummings, FYI.)

In particular, I enjoyed the following the most:

This first one is of Jim Cummings by himself. My first reaction upon seeing this was that Jim Cummings had been out golfing when he suddenly remembered that he had a movie premiere and he didn’t have time to change into more formal clothing before he was due to be there. However, when I looked at the other photos it looks like it was a casual affair so I won’t fault his fashion too much. 🙂 Oh and the Tigger hat is choice. I wonder if he gets those for free?

The next two pictures are of Richard Cook, Walt Disney Studios chairman (at left), the late John Fiedler (voice of Piglet), and Jim Cummings. The first one seems candid and the second one is more posed, though it seems like nto everyone was on the same page as to which camera they should have been looking at.

These photos are making me totally wish that I had been there.

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