Jim Cummings fans, join the obsession!

While buttons and banners are still forthcoming, anyone who wants to Join the Obsession and become a member of The Cult of Cummings can get a head and join early.

The Cut of Cummings is a club and community for Jim Cummings fans so whether you run a site about a JC show or other voice over actors or just love Jim Cummings, anyone is welcome to join! If you are one of those people who doesn’t do anything without wondering what is in it for you, membership means that you get access to additional features such as message boards and more and it also gives you a chance to promote your website as your link will be featured on the site each time you visit or leave a comment. Pretty cool, huh?

Instead of The Jim Cummings Fan Club, though, we are now The Jim Cummings Fan Portal. Very web 2.0 of us, right? In other words, we hope to be your first stop for all the best JC information and to help you lead to the other related good stuff on the web.

In the old days of the site, I used to have to manually add each new member but, thanks to Yahoo’s MyBlogLog, you can go ahead and get started without having to wait for me. Just click here and you can sign up.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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