Little Shop of Cummings

Looking to complete your collection of Jim Cummings merchandise? Go ahead and click on the Shop button on the top navbar.

Once you get there, use the drop down menu at the top to narrow your results.

What sort of stuff can you find there?

  • Box sets of your favorite Jim Cummings cartoon shows on DVD
  • Feature films and direct to video favorites
  • Vintage and hard to find VHS tapes of shows that starred Jim Cummings but haven’t made it to DVD
  • Talking toys (such as Winnie the Pooh) that feature Jim Cumming’s voice
  • Video games that feature Jim Cummings
  • CDs and MP3 downloads of Jim Cummings singing including movie soundtracks as well as other Disney and Warner Bros albums
  • Unbox downloads of specific episodes. (Why waste money on the entire DVD box set of the Powerpuff Girls when you can just download the few episodes with Fuzzy Lumpkins and get your JC fix that way?)

Best of all, a small portion of every purchase that you make through a link on this site (even if it is for groceries, clothing or something else completely unrelated to Jim Cummings) goes back to this site so we very much appreciate your support!

Now, get shopping! 🙂

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