Winnie the Pooh on Family Guy?

I have to confess that, while I have seen the odd episode, I don’t really watch Family Guy with any regularity so I’m going to need some help from anyone who reads this with this one.

According to IMDB, Jim Cummings appeared on Family Guy as Winnie the Pooh in an episode called Fore, Father. My gut reaction when I heard this was that there was no way, even if Jim was willing, that Disney would allow that. Sure enough, this credit is very iffy as it is listed as “uncredited” which in IMDB speak means that it’s a rumor. It’s not that I don’t think Jim Cummings has a sense of humor about his characters (I am rather sure that he does) but I suspect that Disney is too protective of their brands to have let this happen.

Mind you, I haven’t seen the clip and cannot find it online so my initial guesses are that either:

  1. Disney didn’t allow it but looked the other way because Pooh doesn’t say anything bad or controversial
  2. Jim Cummings is “uncredited” because it’s not new voice work and just the reuse of an old sound clip
  3. It’s not Jim Cummings at all but rather one of the regular cast doing a good Pooh impression and IMDB (which, after all is just run by well meaning volunteers in the main case) just has it mislabeled

Here is where you, the reading public come in. Does anyone have a clip of this episode? If so, post the link in the comments and we can discuss.

In the meantime, even without the clip, what are your gut reactions to this, true or not?

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