Don’t bite the feed that feeds you

So, suddenly a few weeks ago, every single one of the subscribers to this website canceled their subscription. I combed the archive and tried to figure out what horribly offensive thing I may have said to cause everyone to leave at once and I couldn’t figure it out.

Until today. See, there was a new version of WordPress a few days ago and when we upgraded the site software, it deactivated all of our plugins, one of which is helps you to subscribe to our feed.

If that is Greek (or, in this case, geek) to you, no worries. All it really means is that you may have been accidentally unsubscribed from the site because of this. I have set up a page that has several of the ways that you can subscribe to this site (including email which we had not offered before) so if you want to be notified whenever this site is updated in any way, please select one of the options here.

Thanks for your patience while we work these kinks out!

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