Jim Cummings is the greatest villian of all time

Just for fun, I thought I would direct your attention to this little blog that named Jim Cumming’s Negaduck from Darkwing Duck as one of the top 50 animated villians of all time. Says the blog:

Last we come to Negaduck, the leader and most psycho of probably any villain Darkwing ever faced. Depending on which episode you watch, Negaduck is either Darkwing’s dark side manifested into an evil clone, or a parallel Darkwing from the Negaverse who rules Nega St. Canard. Either way, he is the exact opposite of Darkwing, as unlike DW, he’s a borderline psychopath who hates friends and anything Good. He also carries around a chainsaw as his main weapon. He usually dresses up as Darkwing to frame him for crime sprees and such, while his most infamous act was stealing the powers of the other four members of the Fearsome Five for himself to become an abomination that was defeated within a half hour.

I am not sure how you can even begin to compile a list like this and leave out Don Karnage, Fat Cat AND Pete but I guess he was trying not to give Jim a monopoly.

Who is your favorite Jim Cummings villain? Post your votes below and we will do a big list of all of them next week.

PS: I too had that Megavolt action figure and only just sold him on eBay a few weeks ago and would like to attest that the sparks that flew out of his chest were HUGE. You seriously could have burned your house down. It added that whole extra element of "Let’s Get Dangerous" to playing with your Darkwing Duck figures.

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