Disney’s The Princess and the Frog teaser Jim Cummings controversy

Above, you can take a sneak peek at Disney’s newest princess, particularly noteworthy because she is the first African American princess. The movie has had its share of controversy already and it’s not even out yet, but a little of the complaints are directed at Winnie the Pooh himself, Jim Cummings.

FilmGordon claims that Jim Cummings’ accent is racially offensive in the trailer. However, after watching this a great many times, I wasn’t even convinced that the bug in question is even played by Jim Cummings. Yes, JC is in the movie, but the trailer doesn’t say if his character is the one featured. (Update: It is being widely reported that it is Jim Cummings).

Let me put the following questions to you:

  1. Regardless of who it is in the trailer, are you offended?
  2. Does your answer changed based on the fact that Jim Cummings is native to New Orleans?

Sound off below. . .

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