Jim Cummings mocked on Defamer. Is that a step up in fame?

Jim Cummings is causing a stir all over the internet today with even EW taking a jab at him. But proving that he has finally stepped into the celebrity big time, he was made fun of pretty badly over on celebrity site Defamer.

Walt Disney Proudly Presents ‘The Princess and the Frog and the Racist Firefly’
As if we weren’t soiling our pants enough already in anticipation of Disney’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua and its high-kicking chorus of furry Mexican slurs, now comes a short teaser from the upcoming The Princess and The Frog—a return to hand-drawn animation for the studio, and the first to feature an African-American princess in the lead. Set in New Orleans, the jazz-era musical is written and directed by the team who brought us classics like Aladdin and The Little Mermaid, features songs by Randy Newman, and—if this teaser is any indication—stars a toothless firefly that seems to have fluttered in accidentally from the set of Song of the South 2: Cajun Vacation. Unfortunately, the feature won’t be in theaters until Christmas 2009. Haw-haw! Id looks like dis could take some TAHM! –Source

While the Song of the South 2 bit is relatively funny, as a JC fan, I am starting to get worried. If people complain enough, Disney will probably just cut him out of the movie entirely or at the least, make him redo his part. I still don’t think its worth all this drama.

Well, I guess the next step is for TMZ to pick up this story and run a photo of JC walking down the street or picking his nose or something. . .

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