Annie Award Picks: Best Animated Feature

Hey, if they big guys can do it for the Oscars and Golden Globes, we can sure do it too! Let’s go category by category and try to pick the winners. I’ll give you my rationale and then you weigh in below.

Here is my very uninformed, opinion.

Best Animated Feature

* Bolt – Walt Disney Animation Studios
* Kung Fu Panda – DreamWorks Animation
* $9.99 – Sherman Pictures/Lama Films
* Wall•E – Pixar Animation Studios
* Waltz With Bashir – Sony Pictures Classics/Bridgit Folman, Les Films D’ici, Razor Films

Even without seeing 3 of these movies, I think I can safely say that Wall-E is a lock. Critics and award givers love Pixar. They can do no wrong lately. However, Kung Fu Panda is kind of a dark horse. . .er. . bear. A lot of people really loved this movie and maybe it could take the crown. I really liked it but, in the end, I feel like Kung Fu Panda is kid’s stuff while Wall-E is on another level.

And am I totally selling $9.99 and Waltz short? Yes. But the Annie’s usually favor big studios so if I am discounting them, I think voters will as well.

As for Bolt, I haven’t see it yet and hear its good but I still think it cannot measure up to Wall-E.

But enough about what I think. . . what do you think? What’s your pick to win this? Or, if you were a judge, which would you pick?

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