Annie Award Picks: Best Animated Television Commercial (watch them all online and pick your favorite)

I did a little extra effort on this one so that we can all be on the same page. Consider the links below to be your “screeners” so you can watch the commercials and decide for yourself which one is best.

Best Animated Television Commercial

* Giant Monster – Curious Pictures (BC Dairy Commercial)
* Long Legs Mr. Hyde – Curious Pictures (RBC Avion)
* Rotofugi: The Collectors – Screen Novelties (
* Sarah – Z Animation (
* United Airlines “Heart” – Duck Studios (United Airlines)

I am not a big TV watcher so I only saw the Heart one live. I’m not sure if we are supposed to be evaluating only the animation or the ad message but I think the coolest animation is a tie between the Heart one and the Long Legs one. That said, the Rotofugi one was rather creepy and also very funny and the Giant Monster one was adorable. “Sarah” was intense but the animation wasn’t anything all that different. I am going to go with Heart for the win on this one because I know I loved it on first sight.

Keep in mind that I am also a chick. 🙂 What’s your pick?

Who would you pick for the win? That said, which one do you think the committe will pick?

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