Annie Award Picks: Best Animated Video Game and Television Production Produced for Children

Best Animated Television Production Produced for Children

* A Miser Brothers Christmas – Warner Bros. Animation
* Avatar: The Last Airbender – Nickelodeon
* Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends “Destination Imagination” – Cartoon Network Studios
* The Mighty B! – Nickelodeon
* Underfist: Halloween Bash – Cartoon Network Studios

This list makes me feel really old. I have only ever even heard of 2 of these and only actually watched an episode of one of them (Foster’s). I’m going to go with Avatar because all the hip kids like it these days.

Best Animated Video Game

* Dead Space – Electronic Arts
* Kung Fu Panda – Activision
* Wall•E – Heavy Iron Studios, a division of THQ, Inc.

This one is really easy. This goes to Dead Space. As the only video game actually designed to be a video game int he first place, it has a big advantage over the cheesy movie-tie in games.

Not to get off topic but remember how awesome movie-tie in games used to me? Aladdin for Sega Gensis or Super Nintendo was money! ABABABABABA I say to you and if you don’t heard me, you aren’t a level skipper. (I only skip levels on re-plays, naturally)

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