Did Dreamworks buy their Annie Awards for Kung Fu Panda?

Interesting. . .

A quick look at the Annie Awards results shows that Dreamworks beat Disney/Pixar in nearly every category. This feat is especially unusual in the light of the fact that Wall-E has dominated the award shows so far this year.

But a quick look at the Annie Awards website shows that something is a little fishy and we don’t mean Nemo.

Here is their current homepage which states that “Kung Fu Panda dominates the Annie Awards” and “Winning the top prize over such other nominees as the critical favorites “WALL-E” and “Waltz With Bashir,” “Panda” swept the feature film categories as it picked up 10 trophies.” It even sounds like their copywriter was surprised by that turn of events.

Annie Awards homepage

But let’s take a closer look at that sidebar.

Annie Awards Sponsors

The red arrows are ours.

Dreamworks was a gold sponsor of the Annie Awards and Pixar and the Disney Studios were all only Silver. Yet, a lot of sup par Dreamworks content won awards over the Disney/Pixar projects in what were very unexpected and contested upsets.

Awfully interesting that they gave the awards to the lesser content that gave them more money.

Just a random coincidence, I guess. But I cannot help but find it very suspicious.

Did the Annie Awards find Pixar/Disney ungrateful for their past wins by not being gold sponsors? Does having several companies all as Silver sponsors count less than having a single company as a gold sponsor? Why is an award show allowed to have sponsors in the first place if it raises questions like this?

What do you think?

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