Follow The Cult of Cummings on Twitter and Introducing Quickies!

We are trying something a little different so please let us know if you like it. The Cult of Cummings is now on Twitter where you can follow us if you like. We will be tweeting links and other smaller pieces that are too short for full blog posts.

You can find us there at:

If you don’t use Twitter or just cannot deal with another follower (I feel your pain on that one!), the posts we send out on Twitter will post daily on the regular Cult of Cummings site as “Quickies.” These may not be more than one or two a day but will give me a way to share little things that I cannot necessarily stretch into a whole big blog post.

My hope is that this will let me get out more info faster instead of having to wait to have time to write a full blog post. I appreciate your feedback so please let me know if you like or hate this feature once it gets rolling.

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