Sorry, Jim Cummings, you are just too good!

Here is a fun little tidbit that I, for one, didn’t know.

In the original Disney movie, The Jungle Book, King Louie was a Disney invention as he was not in the original book. He was played by jazz singer Louis Prima.

After Prima’s death, the character of Louie, as we fans know, was taken over by Jim Cummings who played him in TaleSpin and other projects.

But here is the part that I didn’t know until recently. Jim Cummings’ performance and impression of Louis Prima’s voice was good, so good in fact that Louis Prima’s widow sued Disney for unauthorized use of her husband’s voice. Now, of course, Disney wasn’t using her husband’s voice but rather Jim Cummings’ voice and the matter was settled out of court. But in deference to this, King Louie has not appeared in any future projects including The Jungle Book 2 or House of Mouse(where a King Larry appeared instead).

So King Louie fans won’t get any new content from that character because, darn him, Jim Cummings was just too good!

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