Jim Cummings interviewed in Youngstown, Ohio paper

(I will have you know that the first draft of this post totally said Youngstown, Onion. I’m tired.)

One of the local papers in Youngstown, Ohio did a two features on Jim Cummings on Sunday. Youngstown is his hometown, so while there is nothing all that new and earth-shattering in the articles, there are some very nice local touches and pre-fame tidbits.

If you wish to read the articles in their entirety, I have added both to the press section of the site.

The writing of the articles are a little. . . I don’t want to be too harsh because it doesn’t say if it the author is a local student or something but there are a lot of typos, mistakes and other oddities that you wouldn’t normally see in a more professional piece but it is nice to see him in the news in any form. There are some really nice bits in it so if you can overlook the choppy writing, it is worth a read. 

The best part of the interview?

[Jim Cummings] recalled a shopping trip during which he picked up a Winnie the Pooh greeting card in a store, and went into character for his children. A nearby clerk heard him and squealed, “Oooh, you sound just like him!”

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