Jim Cummings audio interview from Adventures in Odyssey podcast

There is a great, 15 minute interview with Jim Cummings available to listen to in full here.

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  • Mikey Silva

    I look at Mr. Cummings' face book total as of now, 725 fans (including myself).
    At first that seems like a lot, but considering that I can't turn on my TV or watch a film without hearing his voice at least once a day, I think 725 is a pity.
    Consider how people who know the name Harrison Ford, and how many fans he has worldwide. Drop his name, and people immediately know who you mean, and start telling you their favorite Ford role, though he’s appeared in just over 60 of them. However, you say “Jim Cummings”, and his name is often responded to with a “Who?”

    Voice acting is one of the most underappreciated positions in the world, though everyone I know who has ever done it would tell you it’s the greatest thing in the world. Someone like Mr. Cummings, who’s played hundreds if not thousands of roles on and off screen, has spent more time in our homes than most of our relatives. We could call him “Uncle Jim”, or at least we should know his voice by know. Maybe that’s half the glamour of being a voice actor. All the fun being the star, but none of the paparazzi, stalker, fan boy craziness that constantly surrounds the Super-Stars.

    Maybe we don’t all have to all be fans or remember someone’s name, to appreciate someone’s work. I don’t have to drop a name, but mention a character, or a funny quote, or an advertisement and people instantly know what I mean. If it’s worth anything, knowing the person’s voice and the name behind it reminds me that I’m not alone either.