Jim Cummings News: Week in Review (2009-12-04)

  • Jim Cummings News: Week in Review (2009-11-27) http://bit.ly/8G8bcP #
  • Dear @samu3lk Jim Cummings *does* play Cat from CatDog, but Ed Gilbert was Tale Spin’s Baloo. Jim was Louie and Don… http://bit.ly/8IX4mG #
  • Candid video interview with Jim Cummings at The Princess and The Frog permiere (with his daughter) http://bit.ly/6RS1ZO #
  • “…the film’s best character, a firefly
    named Ray (Jim Cummings), who is madly in love with the brightest star
    in… http://bit.ly/7F4qmn #
  • Farce/Film askes, is Jim Cummings’ character in The Princess and The Frog racist? They say, “The
    trailer also… http://bit.ly/5rXDLZ #
  • Jim Cummings’ Ray voice is the same as TMNT’s Leatherhead & others. Why the uproar over this one? Marvindefudd asks… http://bit.ly/7DsX3y #
  • “You will fall in love with Ray, the firefly played by Daytime Emmy
    Award nominated voice-over actor Jim Cummings… http://bit.ly/53Un7j #
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