The Princess and The Frog opens in theatres tonight!

Just a friendly reminder from your friends at The Cult of Cummings that Jim Cummings’ new movie, Disney’s The Princess and The Frog opens nation wide tonight. From the people who got to see it when it was in limited release, it’s getting great reviews with many review citing Jim Cummings as the best part of the film so it is very exciting.

You can read all the reviews as they come in over at Rotten Tomatoes.

But I want to know what YOU think! Did you see the movie? Did you like it? Let us know and share your thoughts below!

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  • Robin

    It was amazing! Animation, music, plot-everything combined made it a fantastic piece of the Disney legacy!

  • Damonika

    I loved it! Jim's performance as Ray was very funny! We couldn't stop talking like Ray after the movie! Overall, the movie is great, and it looks like I'm seeing it again! My mom is taking my granparents to see it! And Disney bought out my roots because my family is from Louisiana.

  • Believe it or not, I haven't seen it yet but my brother saw it and loved it!