Jonah Hex Motion Comics (starring Jim Cummings) available now

If you’ve never watched a motion comic before, they are something between a comic book and a straight cartoon. Some of them are really slick. These upcoming Jonah Hex motion comics are here to whet your appetite for the upcoming live action Jonah Hex movie starring Josh Brolin and Megan Fox. They are releasing these motion comics in several episodes leading up to the release of the live action movie.

But the good news for Jim Cummings fans is that he plays Jonah Hex in these motion comics so fans will definitely want to check them out.

The first episode is available right now from Amazon where you can also subscribe to the entire season and automatically get every episode as they come out. It’s also available from places like iTunes so wherever you prefer to get your digital media, an episode is only a buck so you can’t go wrong!

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