New Darkwing Duck comics coming this June: Darkwing Duck: Duck Knight Returns

Drake Mallard has given up being Darkwing Duck and works in a cubicle?

He and Launchpad aren’t even speaking?

Gosalyn’s miserable in a new school?

Darkwing Duck hasn’t been seen for a year and a half while Quackerjack is trying to get all the old villains back together?

That’s how things will start out in the newest issues of the Darkwing Duck comic series coming this June. The scribes behind this newest series are the same ones behind the popular Muppet comic books so fans of the show have a lot to look forward to. Read an interview with the creators of the comics for more info here.

If you don’t have a local comic book shop or simply prefer when they reissue the comics in longer lasting paperback, you can preorder the comics in paperback format on Amazon. Or stop by your local comic book shop this June and pick up a copy.

Either way, it sounds great to me as a fan of DW and gang!

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