Bump In The Night: The Complete Series available on DVD exclusively from Shout

I posted when they were taking pre-orders but now the complete series of Bump In The Night is available on DVD for immediate purchase!

But if you are waiting for the DVD to come to a store near you, it’s going to be a long wait! The DVD is being released exclusively through Shout! which means that there is no plans to put it in stores. But if you want a copy, you can grab it now from Shout! right here.

You can read their product description below:

He goes a hundred miles an hour, he’s green dynamite
His name is Mr. Bumpy, he goes Bump In The Night!

Mr. Bumpy (Jim Cummings) is a wild green guy living under the bed, gobbling up dirty socks, rocking the night away and getting into adventures with his pals Squishington (Rob Paulsen), the neat-freak bathroom monster and Molly Coddle (Gail Matthius), a comfort doll who consoles those in need. A classic Saturday morning cartoon that aired from 1994 to 1995, this claymation program was highly creative and featured fantastic karaoke songs.

This set includes all 26 episodes form the two-season series, including the iconic fan favorite “Night Of The Living Bread”.

Mr. Bumpy is the role Jim Cummings received his Annie Nominations for so you don’t want to miss this classic from his earlier career.

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