Iron Man comes to DVD. (No, not the new movie. The 1994 animated series!)

Instead of being first in line to see Iron Man 2 in the theatres this weekend, why not get yourself a copy of Iron Man: The Animated Series. The complete series is available on DVD for the first time ever.

In this series, Jim Cummings M.O.D.O.K. (sometimes written out as MODOK) which is an acronym for Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing.

You can read a review of this DVD release here.

(If anyone has a copy of Iron Man on DVD already, would you mind taking some screenshots of Jim Cummings’ M.O.D.O.K.? I can find versions of him from every version of Iron Man except this one, unfortunately.)

If you order the DVD from Amazon, they are offering several discounts and combination offers so you should be able to get a really good deal.

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