Jim Cummings News: Week in Review (2010-05-07)

  • Cult of Cummings: Jim Cummings News: Week in Review (2010-04-30) http://bit.ly/avK0tV #
  • Cult of Cummings: Site updates: new pages in the Jim Cummings Portfolio http://bit.ly/9hi7rG #
  • Cult of Cummings: Jim Cummings talks about being a voiceover actor & the craft of voice acting http://bit.ly/aHyqqI #
  • Did anyone get a chance to watch the Jonah Hex Motion Comics yet? What did you think? http://bit.ly/d2dAZM #
  • New interview with Jim Cummings from @moviemikes http://bit.ly/aUbYXc #
  • Bump in the Night: The Complete Series is also available for purchase on DVD exclusively from Shout http://bit.ly/ajHrLJ #
  • Does anyone have a screenshot of Jim Cummings as M.O.D.O.K. from the 1994 Iron Man animated series? http://bit.ly/cN1iFC #
  • Cult of Cummings: Iron Man comes to DVD. (No, not the new movie. The 1994 animated series!) http://bit.ly/apiT6h #
  • The director of that Youngstown documentary Jim Cummings narrated is selling the DVD on his website here http://bit.ly/denYXc #
  • RT @NintenBeau: Iron Man has been on DVD here in the UK for a while and I got it a few months back. Jim was (as always) fantastic as MODOK #
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