Darkwing Duck Comic #1: Review and Sneak Peek

Jim Cummings fan madammina was kind enough to do a feature for us on the first issue of the Darkwing Duck comics. I apologize for only posting this now, I didn’t have an opportunity before.

You can buy individual comics at $3.99 per an individual comic from BOOM kids! here. Or, if you are feeling thrifty and patient, you can pre-order the entire first series of comics in graphic novel form here for under $15.

Now for madammina’s review:

Sitting at my computer, I can see on my right a stuffed Darkwing Duck I got when I was little. To say I am a Darkwing Duck fan is an understatement. Which was why, when I heard about the comics, I was ecstatic.

And this comic completely lives up to my expectations.

As you can see from the title page, this comic is a love letter to the fans. The pages look like they were scanned from the cartoon, and I mean that as a complete compliment. The “Awkward Goodbye” forgives the sudden cancellation, and they more then make up by having everyone’s vocal pattern down pat. Drake sounds like himself, and his internal Darkwing Narration is spot on. Gosalyn’s “Spirit” seeps off the page (even with her wearing a skirt!) and when one villain appears, he is still acting like himself quirks and all. It didn’t take much imagination to imagine Jim, Terrence, Christine, and others back in their roles.

Onto the actual review. This story takes place at some undisclosed time after the series ended. (it’s fuzzy on exactly when. While the characters all look the same, Honker is clearly shown using an up to date Apple computer) A year after a Megavolt caper, everyone in St. Canard is now working for a “Quackwerks Corporation”. And with Quackwerks Crime robots having taken over the need for a police force, Darkwing can’t even fight against “big crime, little crime, white crime” This leaves Drake who- after retiring due to a lack of Supervillians- very frustrated and bored with his new job.

I won’t talk about much else, out of fear of spoilers, so onto some good news.

Due to a very high demand, before comic #1 came out, Darkwing Duck was extended from a limited edition series to an unknown ending series. So, keep on buying these comics, and they will keep on being made. Besides allowing us with a new Darkwing fix, this also allows for dangling plot threads and ideas from the series to return. (This last bit is just speculation though, the only remarks made for the series future concern the current arc)

I did have one minor complaint, but that is more an issue with the medium then anything else (minor spoilers)
When liquidator appears, he doesn’t move, at all. Normally you would say “no, duh” but with Liquidator, who is in constant motion, it was weird. His bubbles don’t move, he’s not splashing, and nothing is dripping off of him. As I said, though, this is a medium transferal issue and I did get more used to it after I kept on rereading the comic.
(end of spoilers)

Yes, this first comic may be a lot of set up and recap, but it is done so well you just don’t care. Welcome back,our favorite Terror.

The official teasers say “Darkwing’s worst villain is behind this, and he has teemed up with a villain in the Disney Duckverse.” That being said, I had no idea who the second villain is. I’m pretty sure Negaduck or Taurus Bulba is the first though. Even if Negaduck isn’t in the comics now, he’s our Joker and should show up soon.

A huge thanks to madammina for taking the time to write up this review.

If you’ve gotten a chance to read this first issue, let us know what you thought of it below.

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