Jim Cummings News: Week in Review (2010-07-02)

  • Jim Cummings News: Week in Review (2010-06-25) http://bit.ly/bZgTKI (Cult of Cummings) #
  • Re: Rescue Rangers: "The voice Jim
    Cummings uses when he plays Monterey Jack's father Cheddarhead
    Charlie on the… http://fb.me/yY40ahQK #
  • Also re: Rescue Rangers: "Monterey Jack was voiced by Peter Cullen in season one, but was replaced
    by Jim… http://fb.me/BlsrvqKh #
  • Holy cow! We passed 1,000 fans when I wasn't looking! Yay! #
  • Jim Cummings narrates A Heart Too Tender, which only just premiered online yesterday (via Mark Manos) http://fb.me/Boe32ude #
  • MarzGurl from thatguywiththeglasses.com lists
    her favorite top 10 Jim Cummings characters (Thanks to Pedro Hernandez) http://fb.me/uiWhsbhT #
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