Jim Cummings News: Week in Review (2010-07-30)

  • Jim Cummings News: Week in Review (2010-07-23) http://bit.ly/9422lZ (Cult of Cummings) #
  • Darkwing Duck Comic #2 is sold out already in less than a week! What would Darkwing Duck say if he could react to… http://fb.me/FO1zZCG4 #
  • Jim Cummings will be voicing Thanos in Season 2 of Marvel Super Hero Squad as show's new main villain. http://fb.me/ubsVjCrX #
  • Jim Cummings and his daughter Lulu from the Princess and the Frog premiere (This was in the batch of Getty images… http://fb.me/sFqMQUTm #
  • Jim Cummings to speak at voice over panel in CA on August 19, 2010. Tickets are only $5. Details below! http://fb.me/EcVeBQyP #
  • More coverage on the Marc Davis event Jim Cummings will be at http://fb.me/DIdifmPz #
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