Jim Cummings News: Week in Review (2010-08-13)

  • Jim Cummings News: Week in Review (2010-08-06) http://bit.ly/bZStld (Cult of Cummings) #
  • Director of Splatterhouse video game talks about working with Jim Cummings: "The Mask is a
    guy named Jim Cummings… http://fb.me/E3H02twF #
  • Listen for Jim Cummings as the announcer in the new Dr. Pepper cherry radio commercials. Anyone want to grab me the sound clip for the site? #
  • rt @Gracie_Wilbury Just saw a wiki page on "Toonstruck". Christopher
    Lloyd, Tim Curry, Rob Paulsen, Dan… http://fb.me/F9g3AOWu #
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