Next Darkwing Duck comic book series to parody DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths

Darkwing Duck: Crisis on Infinite Darkwings cover art

Here’s the official description:

“Let’s Get Dangerous” in this all-new BOOM! Studios collection! Darkwing Duck, St. Canard’s favorite masked crimefighter, is back in action with trusty Launchpad McQuack and Gosling by his side once more. St. Canard has experienced life without Darkwing to protect it… now, what will the city do when it’s faced with too many Darkwings? The Disney Afternoon revolution is here at BOOM! Studios! Don’t miss out!

Looks like Darkwing is getting back to his super hero mocking roots. What do you guys think?

You can pre-order the collection on Amazon but no word of a release date yet.

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