Everyone is talking about Jim Cummings as the voice of the Terror Mask in Splatterhouse

Now that the much anticipated Splatterhouse game is out, fans are raving about Jim Cummings’ performance as the terror mask. Here are just a few of the people talking about him from Twitter in the last few hours

  • Splatterhouse is… alright so far. Jim Cummings being… Jim Cummings helps. –BebopSamurai
  • If you’d like to hear Disney VA extraordinaire Jim Cummings call you a pussy, @giantbomb has you covered:http://bit.ly/fCR7tKLobst
  • And the Terror Mask is voiced by Jim Cummings. I’m automatically sold#SplatterhouseQuickLookFalconReaper
  • Oh and Jim Cummings as the Terror Mask? ****ing great –axnollouse
  • Mindblowing fact: the voice of the mask in the new Splatterhouse game is Jim Cummings…the same guy behind the voice of Darkwing Duck. 😀 –TheDCD
  • No wonder this voice sounds so familiar, voice of the mask in this Splatterhouse Quick Look is Jim Cummings aka Darkwing Duck and Tigger O_o –Darkflight

Have you gotten a chance to play the game? What did you think of Jim Cummings’ performance?

Updated 11/27 – OK, a few more…

  • Splatterhouse thus far is fun as hell, and has tons of throwbacks to the original series. Jim Cummings is the best choice for the mask. -WolfLV426
  • You don’t Mess with Jim Cummings and his warm and
    Charming A** kicking Voice!! –
  • Splatterhouse
    remake comes out tomorrow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWWGE6gWE7o
    Jim Cummings as the Terror Mask = the natural choice –
  • I hope you’re ready for Jim Cummings to command
    you to murder in order to feed his bloodlust ;D –
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