How is Jim Cummings as Featherstone in Gnomeo and Juliet?

Jim Cummings plays Featherstone in the new movie, Gnomeo and Juliet which opened worldwide yesterday (February 11th, 2011). While reviews for the film itself are mixed, let’s take a look at what people are saying specifically about Jim Cummings’ performance.

Before we start, a few things about Featherstone:

Now, let’s see what people have been saying:

  • “Voice actor Jim Cummings is a true secret weapon.” –Magician David Copperfield, after seeing the premiere
  • “Stealing the show, though, is a veteran to animated films, Jim Cummings as Featherstone the flamingo, whose heavy Cuban accent compliments the overly British cast perfectly with his comedic shtick.” -[SOURCE]
  • “Featherstone the lovesick Latin plastic flamingo (Jim Cummings) almost flies off with the movie.” -[SOURCE]
  • “One of the most hilarious characters is Featherstone (Jim Cummings), a pink flamingo lawn ornament with a hard to place accent and desperate desire to make friends.” -[SOURCE]
  • “Jim Cummings’ pink flamingo Featherstone is also kind of awesome, though I credit that as much to the fake birds spindly plastic legs and awkward movements as I do to Cummings’ performance.” -[SOURCE]
  • “A Spanish-accented flamingo named Featherstone, who recalls his lost love, is reminiscent of a couple different movies; Jim Cummings’ antic performance feels like Robin Williams’ work in Aladdin,” -[SOURCE]
  • “The rest of the random voice cast includes such names as Maggie Smith, Ozzy Osbourne, Hulk Hogan, Patrick Stewart, and Dolly Parton, but it all works; especially Jim Cummings who plays a hopelessly romantic pink flamingo.” -[SOURCE]
  • “My favourite character from this movies has to be ‘Featherstone’ who is the pink, plastic flamingo, voiced by Jim Cummings.” -[SOURCE]
  • “The most poignant character, Featherstone (Jim Cummings), is a pink plastic flamingo with a Cuban accent who the lovers liberate from a shed in an overgrown garden.” -[SOURCE]
  • “Jim Cummings steals the show as Featherstone, a talkative pink, plastic flamingo rescued from oblivion in a run-down garden shed, who helps the young couple through their differences.” -[SOURCE]
  • “…Plastic lawn flamingo Featherstone (voice-over veteran Jim Cummings), whose honeyed Latin accent is reminiscent of Antonio Banderas’ “Shrek 2″ scene-stealer, Puss in Boots.” -[SOURCE]
  • “The film could have cast some goofy celebrity comedian in the part of the flamingo, but they go with respected veteran voice actor Jim Cummings – always a treat.” -[SOURCE]
  • “This is not to say that the film fails entirely as a comedy. Some of the Shakespeare references—including those mentioned above—are rather witty; they show the film at its satirical best. The garden flamingo character of Featherstone (Jim Cummings) is inspired, and his lines strike the proper balance between random humor and basic storybook character that so often eludes the movie.” -[SOURCE]

There were just a few of the ones that I’ve seen since the movie came out. I’ve actually only seen one negative review of his character so far and it was this one which fans on the Facebook page took issue with for other reasons.

Have you had a chance to see the movie yet? Do you agree with what was said above? How would you rate Jim’s voice performance? Let us know what you thought below!

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