Top 6 Darkwing Duck Villains (Can you believe that NegaDuck isn’t #1?)

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  • Mickey12

    Glad you liked the list, I’m the perspn who actually wrote that. It’s awesome that you decided to showcase it here. Thank you. 

    Here is a link to my blogsite in case anyone wants to check out some other stuff

  • You are most welcome. Lots of cross-over interest here between Jim Cummings and Disney so feel free to forward any posts you think JC fans would be interested in. 🙂

  • Mickey12

    Thanks and I actually have a blog about Darkwing Duck planned for the future. Though in case your intrested, I did a review of The Tigger Movie and of House of Mouse. I’ll leave links of those in this comment.

    Oh and that commercial you included actually shows up in another of my Top 6’s Top 6 Disneyland/Disney World Commercials of The ’90s

  • A reader sent me that, I wonder if they got it from you. Either way, thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  • Mickey12

    I doubt it because that commercial is quite popular among Jim Cummings fans.