Jim Cummings’ Featherstone: Robin Williams knock-off?

Guys, the following really annoys me. From this interview Out On DVD, The Secret life of Gnomeo and Juliet Is Revealed — As Told by Its Director

Q: I swore whoever played the flamingo was channeling Robin Williams…

KA: No that was Jim Cummings, a really talented voice actor. He’s great. Jim improved a lot of his lines as well and helped us come up with the idea of this Cuban flamingo from Miami.

Q: Did you entertain getting Robin Williams for that? He sounds like Williams.

KA: We had tried a lot of different ideas and couldn’t quite grasp it. When Jim came in we tried several things, and it was his idea to try the Cuban accent; it worked.

How bad do you want to smack that interviewer? I’m OK with the first question though, as a journalist, 3 seconds with Google could have told him who played the flamingo.

But the second time? I just feel like he’s calling Jim’s Gnomeo character a Robin Williams knock-off. The director just told you it was Jim freaking Cummings, dude, not Robin Williams. Get over it.

But maybe I’m oversensitive. What you do you guys think?

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