Dear everyone complaining about the “new” voice of Winnie the Pooh…

Jim Cummings has been the voice of Pooh since 1986. Unless you’ve been living under the world’s largest rock, he isn’t new to you. You’ve been hearing that voice for years. For most of you doing the complaining, he’s been the voice of Pooh for more than your entire lifetime. 

Considering Jim Cummings has also been Tigger since 1990, you’re a little off base calling that a “new” voice as well.

I think the problem is that people hear an unfamiliar name (Jim Cummings) and get their panties all twisted even though it’s the same voice they’ve been hearing for decades.

Jim Cummings: The Pooh and Tigger you already love even if you don’t recognize the name. 

This concludes my small rant. This is just really annoying me.

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  • Martinusvantee

    I think Jim is doing a great job with both voices, and I was only born in 1986, but once I have listened to the original Sterling Holloway and Paul Winchell voices I do think those voices have something very special, particularly since they came up with the voices.

  • Laurie

    Everybody brings their own personal flair to each voice, Martin, I agree.  I am personally a HUGE fan of Jim’s “Tigger” especially over the original.  I think he has a certain humour and even cynicism as Tigger that suits the character quite well.  I cannot wait to see the new film in theatres with my 2-year old!

  • No one is dissing the fine work of Holloway or Winchell, they are legends. But saying, “OMG I can’t believe they changed Pooh’s voice. So messed up, Disney!!!” when it’s about the same person who’s been doing it for decades just doesn’t make any sense.