Jim Cummings at Calgary Expo April 27-29, 2012: Photos, video and more

I’d mentioned on Twitter and the Facebook page a while ago that Jim Cummings would be a guest at the Calgary Expo April 27-29. Here’s some little tidbits from his appearance there.

Firstly, Jim Cummings participated in Cartoon Voices Panel including Billy West, Quinton Flynn, Tara Strong, Brian Froud, and Christian Potenza. Here’s a photo of the panel thanks to Tea and Text:

A few people shot video of the panel (see here) but some are not the best quality and others are incomplete.

Here’s a video of the first part of the panel when Jim Cummings (and Billy West) talk about how they became voice over actors:

(I queued it up to Jim Cummings’ part here if you don’t want to watch the whole thing. He makes remarks throughout.)

Jim Cummings was also at a second panel that you can see clips from here.

Now for some candids from his autograph session.

Here’s a candid shot from Baby Byrne’s Blog from Jim Cummings’ autograph session which includes a cute story of how Jim Cummings met the author’s kids and did voices for them.

This next candid comes from Staying Shiny:

Here’s another candid from 2Gingerstorygirl:

I’ll update this post as I find more pictures and video of his appearances.

Now for the million dollar question! Were you at the Calgary Expo this year? Would you like to share your first hand Jim Cummings experiences? The comments are open below so, please, share away!

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