Some Cult of Cummings programming notes

Hey guys,

News and updates come in dribs and drabs and it’s not unusual for there to be a hiatus when nothing is going on but I unwittingly took a pretty long break from this site these last few months. (The last post on here was dated October 2011!  Yikes!) Why? Well, my day job is always very busy at the end of the year so there’s never much time for blogging but then I started 2012 out by getting insanely sick (you can read about that here, here and here if you are interested). TL;DR version: I got whooping cough, was sort of dying for a while, I’m better now and trying to catch up on my life.

Luckily, however, nothing major happened though I do have lots of little things to share with you. Rather than totally overwhelm you with a billion posts at once, however, I’m going to set up a queue that will post daily until we’re pretty much caught up.

I also had requests to start a Cult of Cummings Tumblr which I will do… once I catch up with the blog. Don’t worry, I’ll announce that here and on the Facebook page as soon as it is ready.

I’ve got a whole queue of things to post but if there’s something you want to make absolutely sure I don’t miss, please post it below!

Your loyal cult leader,

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