When I started this site, there used to be a section called The Jim Cummings Portfolio. It was a list of every TV show, movie, video game, theme park ride or other project that Jim Cummings lent his voice to.

It was a ton of work. It was also stolen constantly.

Because, back then in 1995, my site had one of the only (and most complete) listings out there, many other websites just copied and pasted my list verbatim (misspellings included) onto their own site. Many of the wikis and other fan submitted lists of Jim Cummings’ work out there today such as IMDB and Wikipedia were “borrowed” from my original site. This irritated me so much that, for a long while, I didn’t update this site at all.

When I re launched this site in 2008, I made the following decision. I cannot complete with IMDB or Wikipedia. They have budgets, volunteers and employees, all advantages that I lack as a regular person. I am not longer going to try to keep a total list of every single project, but rather just highlight some of his work. Therefore, the lists on this site are partial.