(2009) The Princess and the Frog: Jim Cummings as Ray (Raymond) the Firefly

Feature Film: The Princess and the Frog

Who did Jim Cummings play?


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  • Myzturee?

    I loved Ray-mond the Firefly…I found his naivety sweet, endearing and charming. I was sad to see him die, but thrilled to see him holding hands with Evangeline, his love…I guess he was right. :0) He was quite reminiscent of the famous Cajun chef Justin Wilson of old, who was complex and colorful, despite his simple exterior. Great work!

  • Singingbayou

    Raymon' has the best cajun accent I've ever heard in a movie sha :):):) . . . and I oughta know, I'm from the bayou cap (((:<

  • Singingbayou

    Raymon’ has the best cajun accent I’ve ever heard in a movie sha :):):) . . . and I oughta know, I’m from the bayou cap (((:<